Rhapsody noun rhap·so·dy \ˈrap-sə-dē\ : A work of epic poetry or music that is suitable for recitation at one time.

Rhapsody Recording is a professional sound company based in Cape Town. The company was formed to service sound recordings for the South African film, animation, gaming and music industries. Through our services we wish to promote the growth of these local industries and increase global exposure to these rapidly expanding markets.

Our philosophy is to at all times value the significance of our clients’ needs and utilise our skill to make great decisions that will provide the highest standard of service.  The fusion between the team has brought together years of experience, allowing us to create modern workflows, which inspire fresh ideas.

Music Production and Mixing

We offer a comprehensive music recording facility with a beautiful live room and bespoke analogue and digital equipment. Focus on your creativity Enjoy yourself! secure in the knowledge that your recordings sound fantastic. 

Film Location and Post

The ultimate workflow extending from the inception of your film to the final audio mix.  Our aim is to make the production as efficient and effortless Streamline your timeline! as possible with a team that covers all aspects of your soundtrack. 

Gaming and Animation Audio

Both are rapidly expanding Gaming grossed larger than SA film industry 2013! media segments and we are excited to offer sound design for audio assets as well as voice recording and original soundtrack composition.


Rhapsody surround sound control room.


Live recording room.


Client lounge and kitchen.

The services and workflows we offer:

Pre production breakdown and treatment including script analysis and schedule optimisation

Location recording and atmospheric recording in HD audio

Music production, recording and mixing

Additional dialogue recording, sound design and foley

Final audio mix in Stereo or 5.1 surround sound for broadcast or visual medium

Game audio asset and sound design, original composition and atmospheric recording

Voice recording for broadcast

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