Rhapsody was approached by the good people of Wyrd films to team up for the 2015 48Hr film project.  Our first entry in to the competition proved to be an amazing experience!

Exhausting at times and highly stressful but we had so much fun and the team was incredible. The film won 4 awards including:

Runner up best film 2015

Best Visual Effects

Best Supporting actor ( Jesse)

Best Script

On the evening of Friday the 30th of October, the Wyrd crew attended the opening evening to get the brief. They received the following information:

Genre: Family

Line of dialogue: “Who put that there?”

Prop: Light bulb

Character name: Diane/Denis Hill (Pro Golfer)

With this information they wrote a script through the night at their HQ at the old Castle Brewery in Woodstock.

The film “Soft Landings” is about a boy, 10 year old Luke (Jesse Cornelius) who meets an elderly man on a park bench (Wolfgang Weissenstein) and they go on an adventure to find their way home.


The crew and cast met early Saturday morning to begin the brief and to head out to the first location at Sea Point Promenade.


Shooting through the day while Matt and Jan Hendrik Harley (Composer) were at Rhapsody Recording getting some original score and sound design prepped.


The shoot wrapped at 9pm Saturday and the Wyrd team edited through the night for us to begin sound post at Rhapsody early Sunday am.

We all set up shop at the studio and there were tired bodies strewn around trying to motivate themselves to stay awake.

Greg, Josh and I had the actors in early for ADR (additional dialogue replacement) and spent the rest of the day mixing and foleying while the Wyrd team was fine tuning and grading the edit.

At 6pm we were done, physically and mentally, the team rendered out the final picture and rushed off to deliver it before the 19:30 deadline.

Wyrd films: Linsen Loots, Dewet van Rooyen, Ben Albertyn, Mandelise van Loggerenberg

Rhapsody Recording: Matt James, Greg Albert, Josh Lyons (assistant)

Jan-Hendrik Harley (Composer)