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Shell “Bright ideas” advert for Stickman films

Shell “Bright ideas”: We recorded and mixed the sound for this stunning commercial for Stickman films, Daniel Eppel from Edible audio composed the music. Deep in the heart of Khayelitsha on probably the hottest day in summer early 2016 we set out to record the sound for this advert.  Sound design and final mix […]

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“Jameson Whiskey takes you 100x Closer”

Jameson Whiskey takes a closer look: Legendary director and all around nice guy Quinton Lavery approached us to produce the sound for a unique short film for Jameson Whiskey.  A Passing Trains production, this unique look into the microscopic photography of Elden Swart is an inspiring journey of finding true beauty in unexpected ways. With the […]

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“All aboard the Train of salt and sugar”

In 1988 Mozambique is in the midst of civil war. A single train connects Nampula to Malawi. No civilians are allowed and yet hundreds risk their lives through 700km of sabotaged tracks. Salomão and Taiar are two soldiers who don’t get along. Rosa is a young nurse on her way to her first job, who […]

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Rhapsody records and mixes “Isikizi” a stunning drama for Mzanzi HD channel and Paw Paw Films.

We had the privilege of recording the location sound and post production mixing for Paw Paw Films on the controversial African drama “Isikizi” airing on DSTV’s Manzi HD channel on Monday nights. The story is a modern day adaptation of the Greek mythology story of Oedipus and centres around a child who is born […]

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