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Greg Albert

Greg’s career in audio covers a myriad of projects and locations. His involvement in over 16 years of film making has taken him all around Africa. His relentless attention to detail, high standard operating equipment and ear for perspective has exploded his popularity as a professional location sound engineer. His credits range from international productions such as ‘Northmen A viking Saga’, ‘Generation Kill’, ‘Young Ones’, ‘Unfriend’ and ‘Heatstroke’, to local productions like ‘Skeem’, ‘Semi Soet’, ’Cold Harbor’ and ’Elewani’. Over this time he has gained the respect from other local and worldwide industry film professionals.

Matt James
In his 16-year career in audio, Matt has worked with many exceptional artists and media productions. He has recorded and mixed many music projects as well as post production on numerous television shows, documentaries and feature films. His passion for sound is boundless and he immerses himself in his craft. His experience from working in studios both locally and in Vancouver, Canada, has amplified his dedication to delivering an international standard of work on any project.