Our philosophy on equipment and gear is a simple one.. We want to integrate the highest possible quality into the workflow that makes beautiful recording effortless and efficient.

The Recording Studio:

Ams Neve 8816This is the flagship centrepiece of our recording chain, without a doubt the most exciting sonic addition to your sound, with voltage mixing and original Neve series 80 Carnhill transformers, this summing mixer applies the analogue sound of Neve consoles to the recording. It is described as “sublime” it glues with a magic honey, provides width and punch to a mix akin to those consoles of yesteryear!

Audient ASP 880 – This outstanding preamp has open and transparent qualities that capture all the magic.  It very versatile and can be tailored to suit every type of source from ribbon mics to high gain synths.

Lynx Aurora 16TB – We did not have to search too hard to find these amazing converters, world renowned, they sound fantastic!

Avid Protools 12.8.2 – The industry standard in professional recording studios, an easy and intuitive platform that makes every session fast! Its rock solid and the new features allow for amazing track counts and DSP usage.

Avid Artist Control – We needed a control surface that allowed the freedom to have your our hands to mix and be able to feel the music and worry less about pesky mouse clicking..

Hear back technologies personal Monitoring – For every artist has their own monitoring needs, these fantastic 8 channel personal mixers are very easy to operate, rate highly for sound quality and have great features like a master volume and limiter to protect your hearing.

Audio Technica M series headphones – Beautifully balanced with good natural noise cancellation.

Focal Solo6be – Simply unrivalled fidelity in a near-field monitor, these are the most beautiful speakers I have heard. What is most important is that the mixes done using them translate without bias so well on various other systems.

Focal CMS Sub – Extension down to the lower octaves for Music and LFE for film mixes.

Focal CMS 50  – Surround speakers with detailed midrange and high frequencies, complement the Solo 6 front speakers.

Yamaha Ns-10 – Another industry standard speaker that is seen in almost every studio worldwide, these mysterious speakers actually sound pretty awful, but have the uncanny ability to reveal problem areas in low mid and midrange in a mix, perfect for getting a vocal to balance well.

Steinberg Cubase 8 –  A great DAW for music production and recording with soft synths and midi composition.

Waves – A comprehensive collection of plugins that makes for amazing audio manipulation.

Melodyne – My desert island go too.. Simply the best vocal processing plugin on the planet.

Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate – An amazing bundle of of synths, samplers and acoustic instruments.

Spitfire Audio Albion One – An incredible composition tool with a 109 piece orchestra and other incredible samples


We have a range of microphones to suit various applications both in studio and on location

Neumann, Shoeps, Sennheizer, AKG and Shure

Location gear:

We cater a full international standard compliment of recording and monitoring equipment for location recording,

Schoeps – For producing a film sound track and capturing the source with the best quality we have chosen the CMIT 5U, CMC MK4/ MK41 capsule microphones.

Lectrsonics – If necessary, our choice of radio microphone application comes with true diversity and high bandwidth dynamics. The 100Mw small body pack transmitter combined with Sanken Cos 11 D or DPA Lavaliere microphones provide the best personal microphone solution.

Sound Devices – The 788T SSD ( solid state ) multitrack recorder with CL8  mixer controller provides the versatility to meet all genres of film. Having 8 tracks of recording and uninterupted mobile power allows us to record anywhere anytime!  Diverse file formats allow seamless integration into post production. Generating accurate timecode with onboard ambient clocks provide rock solid synchronisation with any professional camera system.

Comtek – Client monitoring and VTO integration its provided from the auxility line out puts from the 788T and then transmitted to personal receivers for director, script supervisor, dialogue coach and producers. These independant units make it easier to follow the overall picture and sound relation while ensuring that no dialogue fluffs will be missed.

Combining the above mentioned brands, our sound teams are geared to create solid workflows for any project. We ensure that the highest level of production is provided with the best equipment.