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The Production Workflow

Workflow mindmap


We meet to brainstorm your vision for the soundtrack in pre-production taking key information, which will establish a foundation for the direction of the audio workflow. Using the shooting schedule and script, we provide unique script analysis and overviews to identify potential problem areas within the soundtrack. From this we extrapolate the information necessary to budget for eventualities such as additional dialogue recording (ADR) foley and sound design to complete the project to the utmost standard. You arrive on set with the maximum efficiency predetermined, which saves both time and money.

Principal Production

Experienced location sound engineers and team handle sound recording during principal photography.  Additional services are, sound effects and atmospheric recording on set. ‘Wild line’ recordings while the actors are on the clock or a quick visit to the recording studio for ADR . The direct communication with our recording studio during principal photography ensures proficiency. Building of sample libraries and effect sweetening sounds as well as ambiences specific to your locations is happening behind the scenes, on set, and in studio awaiting the next production phase.


Our studio is a comfortable accurate listening environment with Internet access and other amenities, which allows you to harness creativity and the momentum to final mix your project. Experienced studio engineers, Foley artists, musicians and mixers are on hand to mould and craft the audio into this masterpiece.

Services we offer

Pre-Production and development

  • Script analysis for soundtrack (break down of shooting schedule and script to determine soundtrack needs)
  • Conceptual sound design (Identify specific design and feel for soundtrack)
  • Musical treatment (workshop concept for music treatment and melodic themes related to scenes and characters)
  • Pre production for Music/score recordings (unpacking the idea for and album or score)

Principal photography or production phase

  • Location sound recording (recording of dialogue etc during principal photography on set)
  • Atmospheric recording (Ambience recording such as wind, traffic noise, water, room tone etc)
  • Sound effect recording (Spot sound effects like gunshots, vehicle sounds, door slams etc specific to location)
  • Music recording


  • ADR for picture (Additional dialogue recording to replace or enhance location dialogue usually recorded during post in a studio environment)
  • Voice recordings for picture and radio.
  • Dialogue editing for picture (seamless editing of all scripted dialogue into a final mix stem)
  • Sound design for TVC (Creating of sound elements to support or enhance visual content)
  • Sound design for feature films (Creating of sound elements to support or enhance visual content)
  • Sound design for radio advertisements (Creating of sound elements to support or enhance audio content)
  • Sound design for animation (Creating of sound elements to support or enhance visual content)
  • Sound design for games (Creating of sound elements to support or enhance visual content)
  • Sound effect editing (seamless editing of all sound effects into a final mix stem)
  • Music mixing (Balancing all music elements and tones)
  • Music mixing for feature films (Balancing all music elements and tones within the picture)
  • Foley recording (Foley is the art of performing and recreating sound effects for film, television, animation and games to replace or enhance the soundtrack)
  • Mastering for broadcast release.